Practical New Product Development (NPD) For Engineers

 Practical New Product Development (NPD) For Engineers
There are several NPD methods like Stage Gate, Mascitelli’s Lean Prod Development, and you may also have heard of newer methods like Lean Startup which is picking up popularity in companies like GE. In our presentation below, we will be highlighting the unique needs of Engineering NPD and how each of the above methods fit. How to make sense of the role and use of these different methods? What method you use depends on the project type. Learn how to determine which method to use for your specific NPD project.
These NPD Methods explain the “what” to do in NPD execution, but the teams should still manage the project and execute – this is the “how” and is usually achieved with some kind of project management tool. The fact remains that many NPD projects fail in execution by running behind schedule, wasting resources, not meeting quality and cost targets etc. This can be avoided by better project management in the NPD execution.
Summary of the key topics covered in this presentation;
  • What are the unique needs and challenges of engineering NPD projects?
  • There are many methods in NPD like Stage-Gate, Lean Startup, Lean Prod Dev,etc…How to make sense of them and understand the roles of each.
  • The relationship between the methods and project management tools for NPD.
  • Gaps in project management tools offered today that are used in NPD
  • Introducing the Think-Plan-Plan framework for Engineering NPD execution.
  • A case study / example of how to benefit from Think-Plan-Do framework

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